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Title: I Bet Life Has Got You Blown
Author : smatkinsjoe
Pairing: Smatkins (Sean Smith/Ian Watkins)
Rating: Going to be safe & say NC-17
POV: 1st person, alternates between Sean & Ian each part.
Summary: When Sean meets Ian, he knows there is something more than meets the eye.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sean Smith or Ian Watkins, as much as I'd like to. & this probably didn't happen.
Beta : Nobody for this one
Warnings: Sex in some parts.

First post on here. I hope this is okay!

Sean's POV.
I loved my job. It was the greatest job in the world. I got to do the one thing I was best at all day - looking after kids!

This is because I am a primary school teacher, teaching 4-5 year olds. Today was the first day of term, and my first day on the job. And there was nowhere I'd prefer to be rather than here.

I had sailed through my teaching course - I was top of the class the whole way! I'd loved the teacher training too, and the school which I'd trained in had been so impressed with me that they had offered me a job there and then. And I'd walked straight into it after my course.

And now, here I was, surrounded by a bunch of little kids calling my name and wanting my attention.

"Mr Smith!"

"Mr Smith!"

"Mr Smith!"

I calmed the class down slightly and announced that it was time for maths. I assigned them all seats and handed them all workbooks.

"Today we're going to be learning how to add!" I called. "Now does anybody know how to add 1 and 1 together?"

A dozen or so kids out of the 30 in the class began to wave their hands in the air, willing me to choose them to answer the question. But my attention was drawn to the little boy who wasn't paying any attention. I approached his seat and tapped him softly on the shoulders.

He turned to face me, with folded arms and a scowl across his face.

"So do you know what the answer is?" I asked and knelt down to the kid's level. But the little kid just shrugged.

"I don't care." he said.

Now I knew it was bad for a pupil to backchat a teacher at this early age, so I gave the kid a telling off and gave him a short spell of standing in the corner of the room. I found that his name was Rhys Watkins, and made a quick mental note to speak to Rhys's parents after school.

From what my teaching had told me, bad parenting was the usual cause of bad behaviour at school.

So at the end of the day, I took the pupils to the main exit of the school, and was met by a sea of couples waiting for their children. There didn't seem to be a single parent in sight.

"So, Rhys. Do you want to tell me where your mummy and daddy are?" I smiled.

"My dad is over there." Rhys scowled and pointed me in the right direction, where a man with his hands in his pockets stared vacantly at the floor. When he saw me, his look of disappointment was hard to mask; his entire expression sank.

"This is about Rhys, isn't it?" he sighed as soon as I was close enough.

Now that I was near him, I was able to get a closer look of him, who looked about 4 years my senior. His hair was dark and messy, and hung down from his head in scruffy curls. He stood completely still with his hands in his pockets and he stared at the floor. The poor dude looked so run down and out of it all.

Not knowing what to do, I nodded my head, and he sighed deeply. And I felt really bad about saying it to him; it was if I lied to this man then it would all be okay.

"Can I suggest a meeting?" I inquired. "I hate doing this, but we've got to stop him before he gets worse, you know?"

The man nodded, trying to smile weakly.

"I'm free all week, so whenever..." he murmured.

"Tomorrow after school? Does that sound good? I can get somebody to look after Rhys while we have a chat. What's your name?"

He nodded and ran a hand through his messy, unkempt hair.

"I'm Ian. Catch you later, yeah?"
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