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I Bet Life Has Got You Blown (03)

Title: I Bet Life Has Got You Blown
Author : smatkinsjoe
Pairing: Smatkins (Sean Smith/Ian Watkins)
Rating: Going to be safe & say NC-17
POV: 1st person, alternates between Sean & Ian each part.
Summary: When Sean meets Ian, he knows there is something more than meets the eye.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sean Smith or Ian Watkins, as much as I'd like to. & this probably didn't happen.
Beta : Nobody for this one
Warnings: Sex in some parts.

Thanks for the feedback :)

It was early morning, and I was getting ready for my second day of teaching. I plugged my straighteners in and switched them on. I then flicked through the hung-up clothes in his wardrobe, looking for something suitable to wear today.

It was only then that it struck me - I was worrying about what I should wear for my meeting with Ian. It was as if I wanted to make a lasting impression on him - this guy who wouldn't look out of place living on the streets.

In the end, I chose a tightly fitted bright red shirt, and some neat jeans. It was only an infant school so I didn't need to wear a suit, but at the same time I couldn't look scruffy. I ran a comb through my soft wavy hair, and reached for the straighteners. I tugged them gently through my blonde hair, straightening it out.

Once I was done, I reached for my car keys and put them in my pocket. I shoved my phone into my other pocket and walked the short distance from the house to my car.

I put his newest CD into the player and turned the volume up. This was one of my favourite bands, Five Minutes Silence.

The journey went pretty quickly and I was soon at the school building. And for some reason...some reason deep down inside myself...the thing I was most looking forward to was the end of the school day - where I got to have a meeting with Ian.

There was a sort of strange mystery surrounding Ian that I could sense, and I was desperate to know what the big "secret" was. Ian was a secret waiting to be discovered.

I walked to my classroom in good time before the bell rang, and when it did, I let them all filter in through the door. I was surprised to see Ian among the small kids, and approached him. He gave me a nod and a wobbly smile.

"Do I just pop in after school?" he asked nervously.

"Sure." I replied with a friendly nod. "I can organise for somebody to look after Rhys no problem. Just swing by my room after the bell has gone."

Ian nodded and he ran a hand through his curly, messy hair. I watched him as he walked all the way to the gates, his hands in his pockets and his face to the floor. There was something on his mind which was stopping him from living his life properly. And I was going to get to the bottom of it.

"Mr Smith, what are we learning today?" yelled a girl with thick dark pigtails, and she tugged on my shirt. "Are we going to do some maths?"

I smiled at the girl and nodded. I patted her head softly.

"If you sit down, then I'll tell everyone what we will be doing today!" I called, and the kids all took their seats and looked at me with excited faces.

This was what I loved best about my job - the fact that I was able to make kids smile so easily. So what if some of them were a bit of a handful? It was what made the job more interesting!


Bang on 3pm, the school bell rang, and I let all the kids leave to meet their parents in the front school yard. I took Rhys's arm and scanned the playground quickly for his father. I didn't pick him out at first, but then I noticed him, walking towards me with his hands in his pockets.

"Hey." He nodded when he was close enough to me.

"Hey." I replied and gave him a nod. "Do you want to come inside?"

He nodded and followed me inside. I left Rhys in the hands of the school librarian, and Ian followed me into my room.

"Well I'm Sean Smith." I said, and stuck out my hand.

"I'm Ian Watkins." He replied, and shook my hand loosely, his hand touching mine for slightly longer than seemed usual.

I took a seat at my desk and Ian sat next to me. He took his coat off and hung it on the back of his chair.

"So Ian, I think you know why we're here..." I sighed, and Ian nodded weakly. "Why don't we take this from the top? Can you think of any reasons or influences on Rhys that makes him do the things he does?"

Ian seemed taken aback and surprised, but something inside myself told me I'd asked the right question.

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