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I Bet Life Has Got You Blown (07)

Title: I Bet Life Has Got You Blown
Author : smatkinsjoe
Pairing: Smatkins (Sean Smith/Ian Watkins)
Rating: Going to be safe & say NC-17
POV: 1st person, alternates between Sean & Ian each part.
Summary: When Sean meets Ian, he knows there is something more than meets the eye.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sean Smith or Ian Watkins, as much as I'd like to. & this probably didn't happen.
Beta : Nobody for this one
Warnings: Sex in some parts.

Sorry about the wait. I'm copying and pasting this from Quizilla, and my account got blocked :/

At that moment, the door bell rang. Ian stood up, and hesitated. He looked at me and back at the front door. I nodded at the door, and Ian bit his lip before slowly walking to the door. I tapped my feet on the floor, listening to the voices in the hallway getting louder and louder.

Becoming inquisitive, I walked to where the voices were, and stood next to Ian.

"And the fact that you knew he wasn't even mine all along is just pathetic, was it in the form of revenge?"

Gina rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall. She had brown hair with blonde highlights, and was slightly shorter than Ian. She was pretty, but there was just something about her that I couldn't stand.

"What sort of upbringing have you given Rhys? He could be sick in the mind, judging by you and your latest toy boy. The two of you could have really messed with him!"

"Gina..." Ian stated through gritted teeth. "Please, for god's sake, come into the front room, and we'll discuss this properly!"

Gina allowed herself to be led into the front room, and she sat down on an armchair. Ian took a seat on the sofa, and I sat down right next to him, my side against his.</p>

I wanted to annoy Gina however I could, because I didn't like her, so I draped an arm around Ian's surprised shoulder. Ian tensed at first, but then he relaxed. Gina looked disapprovingly at the two of us.

"So." She said. "Rhys has been living in this dump with you and whatever young man takes your fancy for 4 years now. You've not exactly given him a good start in life now, have you? How long has this one been here?"

"Fuck's sake!" Ian snapped. "That's a bit rich, coming from you! You're the one who left him on my doorstep in full knowledge that he wasn't even my bloody son! And the worst thing is that I know that you did it in revenge! Revenge because I left you for a man!"

Gina sucked her lower lip. "What I can't understand is how you managed to get this guy. Just look at how scruffy you are, is he blind or something?"

"I don't think you've come here to talk about me." I replied stiffly. "I believe you're here to talk with Ian about your son."

And that was it. She began to talk endlessly of her constant struggle and problems. I drummed my fingers on Ian's side and rested my head on his shoulder, craving his warm touch.

It was then that I began to fantasise. What if this was real, and Ian really was my boyfriend? It didn't matter to me that he was a bit scruffy and didn't care about his looks - I just liked him for him. He was making my heartbeat race, and as I rested my ear on his side, I could feel his heartbeat going quicker than what a normal heartbeat should go.

Gina's words seemed to go on forever, and as she continued, I was trying my best to make her jealous of the attention Ian was getting from me. So far, I'd rested my head on Ian's shoulder, nibbled affectionately at Ian's ear, ran my hand up and down Ian's thigh, and I'd even kissed Ian a couple of times on the cheek.

I was really enjoying today, but it was too bad that it wasn't real, and it was just a lie to annoy Gina.

"I think this only boils down to one conclusion." Ian said suddenly, interrupting Gina and making me jump slightly. "You're taking Rhys home with you. Now. No arguments, no nothing. He's not even related to me, so he's your problem, your son."

Gina glared at Ian, but she stood up, and picked up Rhys (who was sitting in the doorway) without a word. She rested him on her hip and sighed deeply.

"I hope the two of you are very happy together." She stated with malice in her voice, and stalked out the door without another word.

The door slammed shut, and me and Ian stayed close together for a split second, my arms round him. I stood up quickly, and looked back at Ian.

"Well that went better than expected!" Ian grinned. "Do you want to stay for a coffee or something?"

Ian smiled, and his eyes fixed on me. I noticed this and was about to say something when I suddenly remembered something.

"Sorry to blow you out, but I've really got to go now. I promised my cousin I'd take her for a meal in town tonight. It's been really nice to meet you, and we should definitely do this again."

"What?" Ian laughed. "Listen to me tell my life story, go and get a DNA test, and then come back to my house to be bored to tears by my ex?"

"No, silly!" I said with a laugh. "I was implying we could flirt some more in a bit more privacy!"

I leaned forwards and pecked Ian on the lips impulsively before walking straight out the door.

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