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Photo-Proved Kisses I Remember So Well

Photo-Proved Kisses I Remember So Well

Author: redheadess 

Pairing: Sean Smith/Ian Watkins

POV: Sean

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything except of my presence at the show in Hamburg (and what’s said about it in here is t.r.u.e!) on April 19, 2010.

Summary: Lostprophets and The Blackout are touring in Europe together, Sean decides to make a Tumblr for his clothing line Dirty Love. And what’s better than modeling by yourself and, on top of that, with your best friend? (Yes this was written more than a year ago!)

Author’s Notes: The author loves the automatic release and multi shot mode and knows that you actually can’t choose the number of pictures taken…but yeah, I can write what I want.



"Me? And you? Like that."

Ha. I’d known that.

Ian grinned and I grabbed the camera and the tripod. It was always worth having friends with photography equipment.

We were in Milan, just after our gig, and I had to peel myself out of those wet clothes anyway. And I just spontaneously felt like shooting a few photos for my Dirty Love-Tumblr.

Ian had already changed for his approaching show and wore a black 'I Make Dirty Love' shirt. I grabbed the first yellow one I could find – which, by the way, probably was Jay's and not mine – and put it on.

We disappeared to some room whose walls would make a good background.

"I don't know how thing thing works at all", I admitted, pushing some buttons on the camera. "Where is the automatic release?", I whined and suddenly felt Ian's arms on my sides. My heart instinctively jumped.


Now those awkwardly pleasant side effects came back. Shit.

They hadn't come back during the whole tour, I'd thought they’d have gone since the last time Ian and I had met up. But somehow my body and my mind never seemed to make arrangements and my body always reacted to Ian how I didn't want to…or did want to.

Fuck, now my body way even pulling my mind on its side! They were all conspiring against me…


Ian eventually did nothing more than looking over my shoulder and pushing some other buttons.

"Why d'you know about this thing better than me?", I asked indignantly, but he only laughed at my ear lowly.

"I dunno…has to be a hidden talent of mine. How many photos are we gonna take? Look, you can set up automatic release and multi shot mode at the same time, so we just have to stand there and it takes 10, 20, 100 pictures in a row. How many do we want?"

What a fucking cool machine.

"Uhh…100?", I suggested.

Most of them would probably look like shit anyway, 'cause I'm of the stupid-face-pulling sort.


Ian did something that caused a small 100 to appear next to the multi shot mode symbol on the display and he turned away from me to put the camera on the tripod.

"I can do that on my own. Uhm, how about if you just go stand in front of the wall so I can see how much space I've got left on the photo."

Ian shrugged and went to do what I’d told him.

I set up the picture and pushed the release.

"How many seconds?"




Oh great. What a fucking long time between the pictures. Ian just grinned and laid his arm around my shoulder.




I told myself to concentrate on the camera so that not every picture’s showing me staring at the guy next to me in the end. That may really happen.

"Look into the camera, honey", he cooed, turning my head in the camera's direction.




Ohh, hands on my face. … Fuck. I'd said I didn't wanna get weak.




I was probably looking pretty content on that shot. I'd never considered what a facial expression could tell people… So before I'd upload the photos I absolutely had to check on which pictures you could read my thoughts from my face.




Uh…posing wouldn't be bad, I guess.

Pushed by a sudden feeling, I wrapped my arm around Ian's waist and took his hand, which was hanging over my shoulder loosely, in mine.




Head up. Bitchface.




Head down. Sexface.



Pouting. Duckface.




Tongue out.




Before I could think of any other pose, I could feel Ian's lips on my cheek.

And immediately I had to think of the show in Hamburg, where I'd spontaneously kissed him on the cheek and his first reaction had been a stupid giggle. That day, I'd found it pretty cute, but now…well, I was behaving just the same.




I'd keep that photo, no matter how impossible I may have looked on it. My eyes were probably opened widely and my cheeks had changed their colour to a certain pink tone.




I felt obliged to reciprocate, stopped my retarded girlie-giggle and kissed Ian's unshaven cheek. I’d never been not a big fan of beards, to be honest, but oh well, it was still Ian fucking Watkins, I didn’t mind it really.




I'd keep that one as well, no matter how…one second, maybe it was better for me to take my mouth from his face. Ian let out a short and low laughter when I noticed that my lips were still sticking to his cheek.




I'd just loosened half an inch as Ian turned his head to me and – for whatever reason, body and mind were conspiring against me again – the half an inch turned to zero. The reason why he'd just done that stayed a complete mystery to me, but as long as his lips didn't leave mine, I was okay with everything.




Oh…yes…the camera was still there, too. Maybe turning it off would be better…or maybe I should just join this kiss, to prevent Ian from thinking I wasn't ready to start making out. Because to be honest, I was more than ready.




Camera? What's that? Can you eat that?

I ignored the fact that all of that was being recorded at the moment, turned to Ian completely and just enjoyed everything that was following.

His lips pressed to mine eagerly and no piece of clingfilm would've fit between us.

I wanted more.

Carefully, I tried my luck and ran my tongue over Ian's lower lip tenderly, who opened his mouth immediately to let me in.

It was different.

Sure, how often had I kissed Ian, in front of the camera, for the fans, just for fun. And it wasn't the very first time that our tongues were touching, either. But it had never been…like that. We'd never been alone, and even with that camera being in the room with us, we actually weren't doing it for the photos anymore. But for us. I didn't want to think about what the result would look like, I didn't want to think about anything.


Ian's free hand slid on my back and unter the shirt we were here for actually. I held the hand lying around my shoulder tighter, pulling Ian closer to me. His fingertips crawled over my skin, letting one shudder after another run down my spine. I suppressed a moan and tried to ignore all the heat in my body rushing to my middle unstoppably.


Suddenly, everything turned around by 90 degrees and I felt the door in my back. I slid up the wood a few inches, supported by Ian lifting me up and pressing me against the door harder. I wrapped my legs around his hips and both my arms around his neck. There was no way I could deny that the whole thing was arousing me pretty much and it didn't seem to leave Ian cold as well. He broke the kiss and attended my neck, one of my most sensitive spots. This time, I couldn't help telling the world my pleasure loudly. My hands dug themselves deep into the raven hair as the heat was spurring up more and more.



"Ah fuck yes!"


Only the second loud thump made me realize that Ian hadn't shoved me against the door eagerly again, but that the noise was coming from outside the room. I wanted to ignore it and abandon myself to the wonderful feelings, but that was impossible.

Someone knocked against the door harder and faster, yelling for Ian loudly.

Called one sat me down on the floor, suddenly looking panicking.

"Fuck, what time is it?"

I shrugged.


Not a second later, the door was torn open and an exasperated Jamie rushed into the room. I stumbled behind the door and would've been squeezed to death between it and the wall hadn't I risked broken wrists by bravely pressing my hands against the door.

"Ian, dammit, we gotta be on stage right now! What are you doing in here? And you wanna go on stage with that hair? And…oh god, with that boner? Ah, fuck it, we gotta go right now, Luke's out already!"

I just cought a last glance on a confused Ian hurrying behind Jamie, running his hands through his hair.

He’d later blame me for ruining his hairstyle (and giving him that boner), I saw it coming.




I turned around just as the camera stopped blinking. The last picture was taken and I was too curious; I had to know what the pictures were looking like!

The first few photos were nothing special, I was looking terribly dorky on the first picture because I was talking and not knowing if the shutter was being released yet, but the next few were pretty cool.

Then there was a series of almost pornographic pictures that didn't really reduce my arousal. However, since the moment I was being pushed against the door, only half of us was to see.

But then there were the shoots where Jamie had come in and those made me laugh out loudly. It looked like a bad photo story. Maybe I should've printed them and put up speech bubbles.


I decided to keep the majority of the pictures and to put only the ones from the beginning on my Tumblr. Would've been pretty dim if I'd put the more than obvious self-shot pictures online. Though a lot of (female) fans would've gotten wet then. Yep. Definitely.

I shook my head and took out the memory card.

Not everyone had to know what just happened.

I'd tell Ian that the majority of the pictures were shit, so I couldn’t upload them. There would be no other choice than to repeat the whole thing then…

Yeah, you see, it's a bit old, the story, from dirty-love-tumblr's early days :)
Let me know if you like it, I adore the pairing so much it hurts *_*
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