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Slash! Yay! Lol =]

Title: Pretty.

Author: Sophie [me =)]

Pairing: Matt Tuck & Jamie Oliver [Lps, obvs.]

Rating: Hahaha it's very bad...

"Isn't he pretty?"

          Matt examined the man that was suspended in the air, completely naked, hard and covered in some sort of cream that made his skin shine as though it was wet. He was gagged but wasn't making a sound anyway as he was looking at his new master. His feet very nearly touched the ground, but not quite.

          "He's very pretty," Matt replied with a smile, walking around the back of the slave. "Nice arse too...how obedient is he?"

          "Very," replied the previous owner. "He'll do exactly as you say without hesitation. He's learnt to be a good boy and knows what will happen if he's not."

          Matt walked back round to look at the slave's wet-looking cock. "When was the last time he had an orgasm?"

          The previous owner leant back against the dungeon wall. "Exactly a week ago. He only gets one when he really pleases me. Which is quite often nowadays. But anyway, you can have him."

          Matt smirked. "We'll discuss the money later."

          The previous owner nodded and left.

          Matt approached the slave and removed the ball gag. "What's your name, pretty boy?"

          "Jamie, Master," the boy replied.

          "Hm, Jamie...I think I'm going to be having some fun with you..." Matt said softly, noticing the boy's collar. "Are you simply a slave or do you role play?"

          "I'll do whatever you want me to, Master."

          This made Matt's crotch tingle with arousal. He lowered the boy the floor, undid the chains and cuffs that suspended Jamie and looked expectantly at him. He needn't have bothered; Jamie was on his knees in front of him straight away - looking up at Matt's face. Matt found a large butt plug on a table nearby, which was laden with toys.

          "Stand up, lean your hands against the wall and bend over," Matt told him. Jamie did as he was told. Matt put his hands on Jamie's arse; it seemed to be that every part of his body was slippery with this cream. But as he entered Jamie it was plain that his hole wasn't lubricated. "You can take your master without lube? What a little whore you are..." Matt smirked into his ear, right before he began pounding into him as hard as was humanely possible. Jamie had been taught not to make a sound when he was being fucked, gagged or not. So he made no noise, scrunching his eyes shut as he felt his master's movements inside him. He had also been taught to clench his hole around his master's cock so he did this now, causing Matt to let out a low growl.

          It was only about a minute later that he was hitting inside Jamie's arse, filling it. He pulled out and immediately shoved the butt plug up into his hole instead. "Now you're officially mine."

          Jamie said nothing. He knew asking for an orgasm was pointless for he also knew he would never get one if he asked.

          "I bet you'd really like to cum, wouldn't you Slave?" Matt smirked, knowing how teasing this statement was.

          "Yes Master."

          Matt stroked a couple of fingers along Jamie's cock, making him shiver slightly with pleasure. His eyes closed as he struggled not to make a sound. Matt leant forwards to whisper tauntingly in Jamie's ear. It was then that Matt caught the smell of something exceptionally sweet. He realised with slight surprise that the cream his new slave was lathered in was edible. He licked at Jamie's neck slowly and then smiled. The cream tasted of sugar. "Never before have I had a slave that tastes quite as good as you do..."

          Jamie smiled slightly. "Thank you Master."

          Matt knelt behind Jamie, beginning to lick at his arse. His tongue slid into the crack as well, just to tease further. His hands gripped his slave's thighs. He then stood up, his tongue trailing slowly up Jamie's back as he did so. "I've decided," Matt said slowly, pausing for thought, "that you're about to become my bitch for the day."

          Jamie remained quiet.

          "Sit," Matt commanded.

          Jamie did so, looking up at Matt with the kind of eyes that pleaded. Matt gave the thick leather studded collar a gentle tug with his fingers before standing directly in front of Jamie and raising his eyebrows. Quick to obey the unspoken command, Jamie managed to swallow his master's semi-hard dick completely the first time without choking, and as Matt began to moan softly and call him a good boy, Jamie looked up at Matt and caught his eye.

          Jamie, to be honest, liked this master more than the previous ones. The ones he'd had before were far harsher than this, and this master seemed not to mind Jamie getting pleasure as well. Usually in the past, Jamie had been made to do numerous things that would pleasure his master but never him. And although what he was currently doing wasn't for his benefit, at least he wasn't in some sort of weird position while doing it.

          Matt was thinking about what to do next while he felt his new slave's tongue on the head of his cock, which was rapidly hardening again. He couldn't resist moaning once or twice, but for the most part, he wanted to hold it in so that Jamie would strive to make him moan. After about a minute, he decided that he wanted to do something else.

          "Stay," he said sharply to Jamie, who instantly did as he was told and watched Matt cross the room a short distance towards the place where all of the toys were laid across a table. He took them all off, put them on the floor beside the table and turned to face Jamie. "To heel."

          Jamie crawled across the floor and sat at Matt's feet until Matt told him to lie across the table on his back. Jamie did as he was told straight away. Matt took hold of his legs, pulled him gently so that he was a hanging over the edge a little, and leant forwards.

          "Ever been fucked on a table before, Bitch?" Matt whispered in his ear.

          Jamie was about to reply "yes" before he realised that he actually hadn't; the table had only ever been used for the toys.

          "No," he whimpered instead, before feeling his master's fingers removing his plug, and pushing his cock into his arse.

          "Good," Matt smirked, pushing himself all the way in and then pausing. "Because you're getting it fucking hard."

          "Okay, Master," Jamie replied, closing his eyes and tilting his head back.

          Matt began by pounding into his new slave as hard and fast as he could. It took Jamie by slight surprise, and he yelped loudly.

          "Keep quiet Bitch, or you'll never have another orgasm and you'll be punished," Matt growled and Jamie fell instantly silent, although he was still squirming and clenching his eyes shut from the pleasure. "And you can keep still as well."

          Jamie found this near-impossible. He tried his hardest, he wanted to obey his new master, be a good boy, but he couldn't keep quiet and still at the same time while being fucked harder than he'd ever been fucked before. It was even harder than the first time, against the wall. As soon as he let out a whimper, Matt stopped and glared at him.

          "Did you just make a noise?"

          Jamie decided to try lying. "No Master..."


          "Did you just lie to me?" Matt demanded.

          "Uh...yes...sorry Master..." Jamie cringed as Matt pulled out of him and dragged him by his collar off the table.

          "Bend over."

          Jamie did as he was told.

          "Let's see...fifty," Matt smirked, picking up his leather belt from the floor beside the table. "And every single time you move or make any noise, your pretty arse will get another twenty."

          Jamie whimpered.

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