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Lee Gaze and Matt Tuck

 Pairing: =)
Content: School theme; spanking; fucking
Inspiration: A dream I had.
Rating: Uhh...it's not child-friendly  : )
Disclaimer: I own nothing. =) But I did write this.

Lee knocked and waited.
            "Come in," said that dreaded voice of the head teacher.
            Lee opened the door of the office and entered. He walked over to the desk and sat down in the chair in front of it.
            "I presume you know why you're here, young man."
            Sitting up straight in his school uniform, Lee shook his head, his eyes wide and his expression innocent. "No Mr Marks."
            The head narrowed his eyes. "You'll call me 'Sir'. Caught having sex. Behind the sheds. With a boy. Yesterday. Ring any bells?"
            "No Sir."
            "Well I've got an older student here to teach you a lesson. I don't have time because I have a meeting to attend, although I wish I could stay and watch you suffer. Matt, get here."
            It was only then that Lee noticed the other person in the room; a tall student with shoulder-length brown hair and a smirk on his face. His eyes were blue and his hands were in his pockets. He was wearing the same uniform as Lee, but his shirt was un-tucked and unbuttoned at the top and his tie was loosened.
            Mr Marks nodded at Matt and walked to the door of the office. "Oh..." he turned on his heel. "Matt, make sure you give me something to look at later. Make it hurt." And he left.
            Matt was still smirking. Lee scowled at him. No way was this guy going to do destroy his dignity.  Lee folded his arms.
            "Bend over, pretty boy."
            "Do as I say."
            Matt's eyes narrowed. "Who were you fucking behind the sheds?"
            "That's nothing to do with you."
            Matt grabbed Lee's shoulders with surprising force and pulled him to his feet. He then gave him a hard push forward. "I'd lean on the desk if I were you."
            "I'd leave me alone if I were you," Lee back-chatted, scowling over his shoulder and his discipliner.
            Matt reached around Lee's waist and unclasped his belt, and let his trousers fall down. He was not surprised by Lee's lack of underwear.
            "Someone's a bit of a slut," Matt said in an almost sing-song voice.
            Lee tried to kick at Matt's leg, but Matt smartly stepped out of the way while opening the drawer of the head teacher's desk. He pulled out a leather belt which was probably about two centre meters wide and held it by the silver buckle.
            "Stand with your legs slightly apart," Matt ordered.
            Blushing a little now with humiliation, Lee did as he was told begrudgingly. He really hoped that his punisher couldn't see his dick.
            There was a pause. And then Lee felt sharp pain as there was a snap-ping sound. Lee kept quiet, blushing more at having to go through this.
            On the sixth blow, Lee's legs twitched as he longed to move out of the target range. On the seventh, he let out a yelp. On the eighth, he gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes shut. This guy gave it so hard it wasn't even funny.
            Matt smirked as he admired Lee's arse. "It's barely pink, don't be such a wimp."
            Lee gritted his teeth harder if that was possible, and said, "I'm not used to being started off on so hard."
            "Good." Matt gave Lee's arse another whip, causing Lee to yelp again in pain. "Oh shut up," Matt growled in reply. "Fucking take it, whore. This is punishment. You're not supposed to enjoy it."
            Unfortunately, Lee usually did enjoy it, no matter who was punishing him. And at that very moment, he was trying desperately to hide his hard cock as his knuckles turned almost white at gripping the desk so tight.
            Lee whimpered.
            There was a pause, and Lee wished he'd kept quiet.
            "Are you actually liking this, slut?" Matt demanded, walked around to the other side of the desk to look Lee in the eyes. His eyes widened however, when he caught sight of Lee's big hard dick. "You're..."
            Matt didn't say another word and strode back around the desk, dropping the belt on his way. He stood behind Lee and pressed his crotch against Lee's arse. It was very clear to the blond that the older boy also found this arousing.
            Lee heard the sound of Matt unzipping his trousers and taking them off, along with his shirt and tie. Then he gripped Lee's hips and thrust himself into the blond, making him almost scream.
            "You'd better keep quiet throughout this until I tell you to make some noise, or I won't even let you cum afterwards," Matt threatened.
            Lee whimpered at the prospect of this hot older guy making him cum at all, and bit his lip to try and keep himself from making any noise.
            Matt began thrusting into the younger boy while his hands explored his body. Lee was slim, pale, and slightly muscley. His cheeks were pink with pleasure and humiliation, and his eyes were shut. His teeth were no longer clenched together, and he was becoming more and more relaxed. It was quite clear that Matt was hurting his tender arse, but at the same time Lee was loving every second of it.
            "Wow, you really are a little slut," Matt purred, increasing his pace. "I think I might have to fuck you until you beg me to stop..."
            Lee began panting, his breathing extremely heavy. "Matt...harder...please..."
            Matt obeyed, but he only obeyed because he was highly enjoying it himself; the blond was so damn tight, almost certainly not submissive. No, he was definitely a whore in the sense that he did the fucking of the guys he got with. And yet he could take Matt without lubricant; something that impressed Matt, although he hated to admit it.
            "Hey, bitch," Matt panted between thrusts, "I want you moaning my name."
            Instantly, Lee starting doing so, rather loudly. He couldn't help it; he'd never had this before and even though he'd never asked for it and it had taken him by surprise, he was actually liking it.
            Matt thrusted even harder into the blond's arse, making him whimper and whine and moan, something which turned Matt on so much that he increased his pace as well. And then, remembering what the head teacher had said about wanting to see Lee's red, raw arse later that day, Matt brought his hand down hard as he fucked him.
            Lee yelped and turned his head as much as he could. "What...was that...for?" he gasped between panting.
            "For being a whore yesterday. I still have to punish you."
            Matt didn't stop fucking Lee until his arse was bright red. Then he allowed himself to hit, filling Lee's tight hole with his cum and moaning loudly while doing so. Then he pulled out of the blond and took hold of Lee's shoulder, turning him around to face him. "Lick me clean," he ordered. "Or there'll be trouble."
            Lee was instantly down on his knees, licking and sucking Matt's hard, wet cock and looking up at his discipliner at the same time. A minute after that, Matt decided that Lee had earned an orgasm and commanded him to lie on the desk. He took hold of his huge cock and began stroking him slowly with a fairly tight grip, using his thumb to tease the head. Matt watched Lee moan and writhe with the intense pleasure he was getting while Matt touched him, getting all hot and turned on again at the sight.
            'Damn,' Matt thought, as Lee let out a scream of pleasure and came all over Matt's hand, 'I hope he gets in trouble more often...'

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