smatkinsjoe (smatkinsjoe) wrote in l_prophetslash,

I Bet Life Has Got You Blown

Title: I Bet Life Has Got You Blown
Author : smatkinsjoe
Pairing: Smatkins (Sean Smith/Ian Watkins)
Rating: Going to be safe & say NC-17
POV: 1st person, alternates between Sean & Ian each part.
Summary: When Sean meets Ian, he knows there is something more than meets the eye.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sean Smith or Ian Watkins, as much as I'd like to. & this probably didn't happen.
Beta : Nobody for this one
Warnings: Sex in some parts.

I have decided that I am much too lazy to continue posting this in here. So I am just going to give you a link to the rest of the story, which I've posted on freewebs with a pretty layout :)

Click here for the rest of it :)

That link takes you to part 8.

And yes, apologies for the stupidly farfetched storyline, at times. I wrote that story about a year ago, and my writing has really come on since then.
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